We’re happy to announce a new expansion for DEATH IN SPACE RPG—Dead Flag Contracts, a collection of scenarios and tools. Combine it all into a long lasting campaign, or just pick and choose what you like most and use in your own game. The book is planned for release during 2024.

Dead Flag Contracts focuses on Dead Flag City, a fuel depot town on the jungle planet Lepidoptera, where workers and hustlers have struggled to rebuild since the end of the Gem War. Life is hard in Dead Flag City, but there are still rewards to reap for those willing to take on some danger.

In the shadows, new powers are pulling the strings. Their plans can upend the fragile balance in the Tenebris system, reopening old wounds and stirring up new conflicts.

Explore Dead Flag City and the people there. Take on the missions and contracts offered, traveling to the far edges of the Tenebris system when necessary. Steer clear of danger and reap the rewards.