When it comes to setting, the focus in DEATH IN SPACE is on the Tenebris stellar system, a number of different planets and objects revolving around the star Tenebris. In a typical campaign, the player characters start out on the Iron Ring – a massive ring-like structure orbiting the moon Inauro like a belt of metal, assembled from the debris of thousands of grimy spacecraft and refinery modules.

On the ring, salvagers, miners , station marshals without law and worshippers of strange religions coexist in a never-sleeping melting pot. Everywhere, senses are overwhelmed by the sharp smells from makeshift food stalls, the ear-piercing noise from the workshops that constantly disassemble and rebuild things, and the shouting of AI bodyguards that offer their services in every known language.

Personal space is a myth. People live in crowded common areas, with rows of bed capsules placed in steel scaffolding, where each capsule has room only for one person and their few belongings. Between the scaffolding platforms are public showers and mess halls. The only way off this ring of death is to escape, or to claim something as your own and hold on to it hard.