Soon off to print!

Time for an update. Since the last update we have closed down the Pledgemanager, and otherwise we have spent every available minute the last few weeks finalizing everything for print. All files are now ready, and we are currently going through the details with the printer before we send them over at some point in the next few days. To be clear, this means that the core book, the poster, pamphlets and handouts are now 100% done. 

After we have sent everything to print we’ll take a couple of days to regroup, and then we’ll start working on the rest, including the remaining stretchgoals, but also finalizing the pdfs with hyperlinks and such before sending them out to backers. If you backed the project, you can expect them in something like a month or two.

As usual, if you have questions or thoughts, the easiest way to reach us is in the Discord channel or via

Last but not least, here are a couple of spreads from the book: