The DEATH IN SPACE Pledgemanager

Death in Space Pledgemanager

We have a Pledgemanager site up since May. If you missed the Kickstarter, and want to make a late pledge you can do that through the Pledgemanager. This works more or less like the Kickstarter, with some minor differences.

The Pledgemanager is also where you as an existing Kickstarter backer need to go to finalize your pledge (i.e. pay for shipping and provide your shipping address). As a backer, you’ll find the invite to the Pledgemanager in your inbox (note: it was sent to the same e-mail as that associated with your Kickstarter account, so be sure to check the correct e-mail inbox), and you can also click the link below to request a new invite.

If you didn’t back the Kickstarter and want to make a late pledge, you can go this link: [LATE PLEDGE]

If you backed the Kickstarter and want to finalize your pledge, go to this link: [FINALIZE PLEDGE]