You are a soldier during the Vietnam War. Explore classic fantasy dungeons, with monsters like pigmen and lizard people. Fight the undead with machetes in swamps. Chase dark elves dressed as humans in the streets of Saigon. Combat giant wasps with Huey helicopters. Run through fields set ablaze by napalm and avoid the cobra-people ambush. Get high and fall into a punji trap.

There is only one solution in this epicenter of mankind’s fall: find the source and…


The Viet Cong has encountered one of many strange doors while digging tunnels under the jungle. The seal that kept the unknown confined for thousands of years was broken and now pigmen, skeletons and other fantasy monsters are spreading into the jungle around the area. Intel concerning “Quái vật giả tưởng” have reached the CIA, who have sent a long-range reconnaissance patrol to the site to help the Viet Cong. Nobody has seen the patrol since.