DEATH IN SPACE soundtrack!

On December 24, the official soundtrack for sci-fi RPG DEATH IN SPACE is unleashed to the world. Packed with 90 minutes of atmospheric music divided into 12 tracks, it is perfect to enjoy while awaiting the collapse of the universe. Behind the album are electronic artists Helium Kid Kanon and Solar Fields, and it has been mastered by Robert Elster.

Death In Space Soundtrack and


  1. Cosmic Mutation
  2. Spot 1986
  3. Offworld
  4. Nothing is New
  5. The Decay of Central Rule
  6. Jump Point 00.000
  7. Death in Space
  8. Dunes of Time
  9. Chrome
  10. Corrupted
  11. By the Void
  12. Creatures of the Abyss

Helium Kid Kanon on Spotify:

Solar Fields on Spotify: